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My Loc Journey

In The Beginning
1st Shampoo
6 Months Into It
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In The Beginning: my journey actually began when I decided in September, 2003 that I wasn’t going to get my hair permed again.  I had been pondering over this for quite some time, but just recently had the courage to just do it.  Unfortunately I didn’t not document my transition, but I will say that I used cornrows as my method to grow out my perm.  I chose cornrows because I didn’t want to add any unnecessary stress to my hair with braids.  Also cornrows are less time consuming than braids.   I would get my hair cornrowed for a month and then allow it to relax for about two weeks before getting them re-done again.  With the help of my former hairstylist, Lisa Moore, I was able to balance the different textures of my hair.  Just before I would get my hair cornrowed, Lisa would cut 1 – 1 1/2 inches of permed hair off for me.  This is very important when transitioning from permed to natural hair because you hair starts to break off when you don’t get your scheduled touch-up.  It’s almost as if your hair goes through a drug withdrawal, which I had been addicted to for the last 12 years.  I had at least 12 inches of permed hair before deciding to go natural. 

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December 30, 2003:  The day of my big chop as well as the start of my baby locs


(I transitioned for 4 months before the “Big Chop”.  My loctician shampooed my hair to allow my roots to puff up.  After drying, she went to work like Edward Scissor hands and chopped that perm right off.  She finished up by going over my hair with the trimmers to ensure that there was no perm left.  After the cut, she shampooed and conditioned my hair and then started my locs with comb coils.  She really did a wonderful job and I just love my pattern!)