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1st Shampoo
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1st Shampoo
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March 13, 2003:  My first shampoo


(I know some of you are thinking yuck, you went 10 weeks without shampooing your hair.  YES I DID!  Before my first shampoo, Camille would cleanse my scalp with Seabreeze and then retwist my new growth.  Keep in mind that Seabreeze is an astringent, which means it kills bacteria and things of that nature.  So my scalp was just as clean as getting it shampooed.  I had no problems with fungus, itching, or odor.   Also my hair texture is funny.  It’s in between being kinky and soft and curly.  There’s no doubt in my mind that if I’d shampooed earlier that my comb coils would have unraveled.  Also not shampooing early in the locing progress gives your hair time to mat up or to collect shedded hairs.  After the shampoo my locs expanded as you can see from the photos.  I’m happy with the growth, but not too thrill about the look.  This is truly the “Ugly Stage”.)